Quenchant Evaluation

and Condition Monitering


  •  Why we have to moniter quenchants?
  • The quenching operation is a very critical part of the heat treatment process. Since heat treatment affects the internal structure of a material at a micro level,  the introduction of any unforeseen variables such as quenchant degradation  or contaminants can lead to serious problems
  • These can cause significant changes in the maximum cooling rate and the temperature of maximum cooling. resulting in distortion, cracking, and non-uniformity of properties and a spate of unforeseen rejections  without any apparent change in the  well established heat treatment cycles.

    Our Services

     Periodic Quenchant Condition Monitering with Historical Trend Graph and Detailed Analysis. 

    • To assure optimal quench process control a  program to monitor and track quench oil performance throughout the oil’s lifetime is necessary to ensure  quality heat treated parts. 


    Single Quenchant Evaluation

    • This recommended when
    •  1. A different brand of quanchant is to be mixed up with the one already in use 
    • 2. While switching from Oil based quenchants to Polymer quenchants or vice versa.
    • 3. To asses the effectiveness of oil Reclamation / Off line Filtration  Process.
    • 4.While selecting most suitable quenchant for new products being developed


Quenching Oils
  • Cooling Curve Analysis
  • Flash Point
  • Kinematic Viscosity
  • Water Content
  • Sediments
  • Total Acid Number (TAN)



Polymer Quenchants
  • Cooling Curve Analysis
  • Kinematic Viscosity
  • Cloud Point
  • Microbial Activity


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